Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Physical Spatial Database Design

Above is my entity relationship diagram (ERD) is used to create and import data into PostGreSQL (PGSQL).  The diagram above shows how individual entities within the database are linked to one another.  For example, the parcels entity is related to the sales entity via a one to zero or many relationship.  Similarly, the parks are related to the parcels by a one to at least one or many entity.  The development of these diagrams greatly help when importing the data into PGSQL.  Each entity within the diagram is able to be exported in PGSQL format that allows for the creation of a PGSQL database.  Furthermore, .csv files are able to be imported into the PGSQL database to give the entities values or information associated with them specifically.  The shapefiles themselves are also able to be imported into the PGSQL database further adding to the database.

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